Company Culture




Kodex is a company built on teamwork, unity, and open communication. Several Kodex employees have been with the company for over 20 years; a true testament to the experience of the staff, and to Kodex as an enjoyable place to work. 

Creating quality luggage is a huge endeavor, and Kodex recognizes that its work would be impossible without free flowing communication, and excellent teamwork. Committed and driven, Kodex employees enjoy working together, are focused on getting it right, and are not afraid to ask questions. It is both the process, and the results that matter!

While Steve and Susy run the company, and Kodex has its senior members, the office culture is very horizontal. This means everyone is looked at and treated equally, and everyone’s role is well understood, and well respected. Just as every detail of a fine bag is important, so is every job performed at Kodex.

Kodex likes to describe its company culture as win-win. This classic phrase refers to success all-around, for the company, its employees, its clients, and especially for the end consumer, who purchases a great product!